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Preschool Dance Classes in Worcestershire

Jigging Jitterbugs - Dance Classes for 3 & 4 Year olds

Our preschool class is jam packed full of dancing, singing and lots of imagination!

The children have now mastered walking, running and jumping, so we aim to expand on that!

We start to introduce different dynamics, levels and directions, more complicated rhythmical patterns and choreography, balance, control and co-ordination.

Our aim for this older class is for the children to break away from their 'grown up' and have a go by themselves! We are building their confidence every step of the way. For some children this may take a little longer but we are sure they will get there.

Children are now learning to dance with a partner, in a group and sometimes even by themselves!

Our props and music are an integral part of the class, children of this age still love familiarity so we try to include some music that they know, whether it's from their favourite television programme or movie or something they've heard on the radio.

This class is specifically designed for preschool children. The class is beginning to follow a structure and the children are developing valuable key skills such as listening, following instruction and spatial awareness.

After a fun packed class the children sit down for story time with a well-deserved drink and a biscuit.

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'My son loves Jitterbugs. He has grown more confident through attending these classes and loves the music and dance. Jenny is a fantastic instructor and full of enthusiasm'

'You know you've found a great class when back at home your 2 1/2 year old pretends to place a crown on her head and begins to walk on her tippy toes, calling for her baby sister to join in, and she gladly does so. Great fun!
After just a few weeks the confidence and enjoyment in my 2 1/2 year really shows
Lovely group for littlies to gain confidence, physical movement and have fun!'