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Dance Classes for Nursery Children


Dance can be magical if it's taught in the right way.

Jitterbugs provides dance classes to children aged between 12 months and 4 years. We are experts in our field and love teaching children to 'Learn, Grow, Dance'!






Learn valuable social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, working with others, making new friends and listening to instructions.   Grow in ability and confidence, and watch as their friendships grow, and their smiles!   Dance because it’s the most natural and fun thing to do when you’re a toddler!


Young children respond to music even before they can walk or talk, our classes filled with music, singing, dancing, props and rhythms will excite and entice even the youngest of imaginations.

Our main aim during the classes is to build confidence in the children. The sessions are designed using the EYFS framework, using the following areas of learning and development to help plan the classes:

  • Physical Development
    • We work on the children’s co-ordination skills, using balance and control exercises, teaching them how to isolate different parts of their bodies and using a wide range of movements including levels and rhythms.
  • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Dancing involves a huge amount of respect, for yourself and for others. In our classes the children learn to dance in a group and also develop enough confidence to have a go on their own, this sometimes takes time, as each child is different, but the encouragement remains the same from child to child.
  • Expressive arts and design
    • We provide a wide range of props for the children to explore and dance with during the classes, including pom poms, ribbons, scarves, percussion instruments and many more, this enables them to be expressive with their movement and imagination.

Jitterbugs can provide classes in your early years nursery or preschool setting termly, half termly or weekly. Or we can provide one off sessions to suit you and your timetable. Our sessions are carefully planned for the following age groups; 12mths-2yrs and 2-4 yrs.

Our classes can be adapted to follow your chosen topics, just let us know and we will do the rest! We promise to provide fun packed sessions for all the children to enjoy.

Jitterbugs can also provide fantastic fun packed parties, so whether it's Christmas. Easter or the end of term we will entertain all your children with fun dancing and singing, just send an email or call for more information. 

Jitterbugs provides classes to children in many Preschools, Nurseries and Children's Centres in Worcester, if you want your setting to be involved please contact Jenny on the form on the right.


"The children at our nursery have been enjoying the Jitterbugs experience since last summer. The children look forward to seeing Jenny and taking part in her music and movement sessions. They get throughly involved and have tremendous fun. The sessions are particularly helpful for children who have English as an additional language and children who have special needs. We would highly recommend the Jitterbugs experience to other settings."

Classes in Malvern


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"Jenny first entertained our Teeny Tots toddler group December 2013 for our Christmas Party and was so successful when we started planning our party Christmas 2014 everyone said can we have Jitterbugs again!

We have babies from birth to toddlers aged four at our group and Jenny was both professional and reliable.

There was singing and instruments for everyone and we will certainly be booking Jitterbugs again !"

 Pat - Malvern