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Dance classes for 12months to 2 Years

Bouncing Bumblebees – 12months – 2yrs

Baby BumblebeeOnce your baby is up on their feet, there’s no stopping them! A whole new world has opened up before their eyes, and it’s the most exciting time – for them and for you!

It’s time to learn and explore, and every day will offer something new and exciting.

Our youngest Jitterbug class is full of exciting music and rhythms for them to dance and sing along to, children of this age love familiar songs and rhymes and it’s a great chance for them to show off some new words they’ve learnt.

We introduce them to lots of brightly coloured props, such as pom poms, ribbons, shakers, beanbags, scarves and bells to develop their imagination and fine motor skills,. They learn to explore shapes, sounds and different parts of their bodies, and when we’ve finished the activity they learn a valuable skill of ‘tidy up time’.

Baby Bumblebees will help children practise their coordination and balance, whilst also helping them to develop their strength and confidence.

We begin to teach children to listen to instruction, and to communicate to others around them, whilst having lots and lots of fun!

Our classes are very relaxed, ensuring that children have lots of fun learning and exploring. Baby Bumblebees always ends with some juice, a biscuit and a story. The perfect way to finish a funfilled class!

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'My son loves Jitterbugs. He has grown more confident through attending these classes and loves the music and dance. Jenny is a fantastic instructor and full of enthusiasm'

'My daughter loves jitterbugs and Jenny has natural flair and charisma for engaging young children creatively. The classes are just the right pace for my easily distracted daughter, it's easy going and fun with just enough structure to keep a gaggle of pre-school children genuinely focused.'