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Jitterbugs Dance Classes in Worcestershire

Dance Classes

Dance can be magical if it’s taught in the right way.

Jitterbugs offers dance and movement classes to children aged between 12 months and 4 years. The perfect age to start a lifelong passion for dance and music.

Our priority is that you and your child have fun together, learning new skills, and meeting new friends. Our classes are packed full of exciting music and props, to let their imagination run free. We use many different genres of music from pop to classical, and lots more in between.

All our classes are very carefully designed with age appropriate choreography. We focus on developing key skills as written in the EYFS.

We have 3 different age groups so whether your little one is 12 months or 4 years there is a class to suit them and their ever growing imagination.

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'My daughter adores Jitterbugs and since going to the classes her confidence has increased enormously. She likes to show off her dancing to friends and family and is generally much more assured of her ability to run, jump and be more active.'